Company Profile

TVO1 IRadio is a deep inspirational, Motivational and faith based Broadcasting Network on the worldwide internet.. TVO1IRadio was established in 2010; since being a part of a strong and productive radio network we have become an inspirational outlet for many churches, ministries and business on the level of audio, radio and even video concept and production as well as broadcasting network that consist of over 1000,000 live listeners and viewers within our network and partnership network.

TVO1IRadio is also a strong base network which is develop of non for profit organizations, whom has created a platform that is all-inclusive companies, ministries, churches and business that strive to offer services for Christian Entertainment and Christian Media. This platform consist of: internet radio, educational institutions, theaters, multicultural centers, conference centers, religious organizations, business marketing development, public relations, meeting and convention planning, travel and transportation.

Our Mission

It is TVO1IRadio goal to provide Christian Entertainment and Services to all those whom desire to help change the world on a positive level, through positive programs as well as positive activities for adults, youth of many nationalities and denominations, as well as produce a #1 Faith Based Inspirational and motivational Christian Network that shares the word of God through Internet, Radio, and Video placing hope and love to the world.
-Provide 3:5-6
We will grant the word of God to all and non-christian alike with a motive to uplift, encourage and empower the hearts for the love of God.

Our Goal

TVO1 IRadio is a non for profit organization and we are proud to announce that we employ and train adults, but also encourage the youth of today, given each one the desire to live according to the will of God, a unique Christian Life, integrity among others.

TVO1 IRadio President and Staff would like to continue our goals and ambitions through the will of God, and we thank each and everyone who continue to listen to our station and support our goals within the kingdom of God.

Our Approach

TVO1 IRadio goal is to reach the lost, directing them to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. To empower and educate those that are saved in order to equip them to share the word of God unto others and to walk closely with the Lord.

Our Story

TVO1 IRadio have been blessed to create many Christian programs and services that have given unto the people the amazing goal of Love, and the positive movement of hope and faith. Our programs includes: Radio Hosting, Training Services, Mentor, Internships, Sports Events, Corporate Events, Church and Ministries Events and Church Developments (Fundraising, Youth and Adult Events etc.)

Meet the Team