Please Read Carefully

1.) Client must agree to the following terms and conditions of this agreement

2.) All Programmers must be members of the TVO1IRadio Broadcast Network

3.) All Programmers must agree to one of the following pledge amounts.

4.) All Programs must be Faith Based and at least one half hour in length.

5.) All programs must be submitted with the following information and pre approved prior to agreement - Program type, general format, requested days and times.

6.) All programs must be approved through an internal approval process with the TVO1IRadiio Broadcast Network Executive team.

7.) All programmers can generate up to 4 advertisers / sponsors per hour for their program which must be approved by the TVO1IRadio Broadcast Network Executive team.

8.) Following program approval programmers will be contacted of their confirmed start date, time and length of agreement.

9.}The only time that scheduled programs will not Air is if something happens that is beyond our control {example; Network system down etc...} at that point additional details will be discussed and agreed upon.

10.) TVO1IRadio Broadcast Network Program Agreement may be cancelled at any time by TVO1IRadio and or by the client upon written consent 30 days prior to cancellation.