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TVO1IRadio is Urban Gospel & Christian Hip Hop music station located in Peoria, IL. In addition to music programming, we also broadcasts news programs, spiritual programs, and biblical teaching. It is our mission to reach our listeners with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while training the next generation of broadcasters that will go out and impact the world.

Get Involved

TVO1IRadio provides an active, Godly work environment. Our DJs and staff get hands-on training, giving them ‘real world’ experience. If you are interested in getting involved with the station, take a look at staff opportunities.

History of   TVO1IRadio

TVO1IRadio is the ministry-run radio station in Peoria, IL and the Surrounding Area. We have a long, and somewhat miraculous, history. The station began with a bishop of ministry whom felt the need to do more then just preach the gospel, but teach and share the gospel, as well as train others to do the same. Starting with $1,000 and a pray, the station began operations in February 2009 TVO1 first radio station.

For more than ten years it operated on the air and reached only one or two cities, on a small server, Bishop felt it was time to do more, in order to reach more people. As the station begin to grow, ,adding more shows, more radio personality, and was able to upgrade the server we were about to understand and it became clear that expansion of the station was needed in order to reach the growing listeners God was placing before us.

On October 8, 2010, We was best to upgrade from 64 kpbs to 96 – 128 kpbs. The station then chose as their call letters TVO1IRadio, but was more commonly called TVO1. The station could then be heard by listeners all around the word and more clearer then ever before.


Today we are glad to be acknowledge as one of the main resources for Artist, Labels, Radio Shows of the World-Wide Gospel Network.

We would love to continue to do what God is leading us to do each and everyday, so your donation means a lot to all of us here at TVO1IRadio.