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I am glad to be a Christian Radio Dj.

Christian Radio Personality

It’s a common phenomenon: You’re flipping radio stations when you pause to listen to a pop-rock song, and then think, possibly in horror … “Wait a second … is this … RELIGIOUS?”

For some people, this is terribly disconcerting, especially if they actually like the song. (“OMG, am I now a Christian Hip Hop fan?”)

Well, if that’s happened to you, you’re not alone. Many people complain that the genre called contemporary Christian music or Christian Hip Hop (marketed to church folk) is derivative, cliched and over-produced. To a point I empathize — and I’m a Christian radio host! But despite that, the number of people who listen is growing. Here’s why: People like how it makes them feel.

Yes this is true, you can truly see how it has changed alot of people views about Christian Hip Hop, and movement it is now doing for the kingdom of God. There are thousands of people who would gather together to view, praise, pray and rejoice with one another as artist like Lecrae, Sean Johnson, Gospel Gangster, Black Knight, and Mission, for each event has been a proven fact how God is using this stage of music to change the lives of so many people no matter the age differences or culture differences. It all about serving God, on a greater and unique level.

Of course, Christian Hip Hop and even Christian Rock music has been fodder for jokes for a long time, and some good ones, too. You may remember this, from “Seinfeld”:

Elaine (alarmed): I borrowed Puddy’s car and all the presets on his radio were Christian rock stations.

George: I like Christian rock. It’s very positive. It’s not like those real musicians who think they’re so cool and hip.

So, if we’re keeping score, Christian Hip Hop many people would think or assume that Christian Hip Hop is not real Christian Music. (SMH), they said that once before when Urban Gospel begin to change the lives of many. One analyst of religion wrote recently for the site that a primary failing of Christian music is that it’s not negative enough. It’s too sunny, she wrote, with too-frequent appearances of words like “hope” and “joy.”

What about pain and sorrow and darkness and evil? What happened to that? What about, you know, judgment and hell and that stuff?

Even through there are now twice as many stations playing Christian music from Urban Gospel to Christian Rock to Christian Hip Hop, we must be blind not seeing that God is moving in  a very strong direction for all his children to praise with one another without any form of judgement. Just think about this, Christian stations are increasingly in the Top 5 in terms of listeners. In 2008, there were less than 11 million listeners to the format. By 2015, the number grew to 16.7 million.

Christian radio has managed to capitalize well on something you might notice if you use Spotify: Radio executives have figured out that people want to access music for specific needs and for specific moods. That’s why Spotify now offers “Morning Acoustic Chill” and “After Work Run.” It’s not always about high art. Christian radio is adjusting to this particularly well and embracing the fact that people see Christian music as encouraging and uplifting. Listeners know they live in a judgmental world and they want a reminder, particularly in traffic after a long day, that God still loves them, and still wants them, even in spite of themselves.

That is one of the reason why I am very blessed to be hosting shows on TVO1IRadio Christian Radio Station and Broadcasting Network, for I know that God is moving, I see the mercy,love and wisdom that is coming forth in the lives of our listeners, I can hear the joy of those who call into the show, sharing their praise and worship, as well as asking for prayer. 

Internet Radio especially for Christian, has become a platform to serve God in so many ways. So my question is: "Why did it take so long"? Who knows, but at this moment, we should be aware of the presences of God, instead of just trying to figure out if there is a God.

Trust me when I say, Christian Hip Hop is a direct connection to our youth, and empowerment of hearing the voice of God on many levels and in many ways. 

"Its All Good, because it is All God"

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