Please Read the following Directions for submission for Music, Radio Shows, Ad’s & More.

Before we can even begin discussing the package you’re about to send to us, there are a few things you should know about TVO1IRadio Christian Radio Station and Broadcasting Network.

First and foremost, everyone that works here has a full time job or is a is a full-time student. On top of that, we’re all volunteers. We’re here because we love Jesus Christ and we believe in the vision of TVO1IRadio.

TVO1IRadio receives hundreds of CDs/Emails every week and unfortunately, there’s only one main program & public relations director and 2 Genre Directors. So sometimes it may take a while for us to even get around to listening to your Music or Radio Show. But bear in mind, we will get to as soon as possible.

Since we’re a Christian Network, we are attracted to ‘Christian Based Music Only or deep inspirational live talk radio shows. The most beneficial thing you could do is listen to TVO1IRadio for a bit and make an honest decision about whether your music or show fits in with what we do. This small step alone could save yourself the cost of a CD and postage.

If you care enough about your music or radio show that you want other people to pay attention to it, you need to make it stand out somehow. The biggest mistake unsigned bands, artist or radio personality make is to send out a boring package. Think of what a bit of creativity could do for your brain-melting demo.

After a week or two, give the music director or genre director who you think would most enjoy your music or radio show a phone call. Their names and office hours are listed on the staff page. Ask them to give a listen and call back in a week. Now that you’ve called, they’ll move it to the top of the stack. When you call about the CD or radio show again and ask if it has been added, don’t be offended if it wasn’t. Again, it’s nothing personal.

We depend on unique and independent artists to keep our programming interesting and vital. We get really excited when we hear something new and different. The aim of this little bit of honesty isn’t to discourage you from sending us your music or radio show promo. We just want to be up-front about what we look for when we sift through the stacks of CDs we receive every week.

If you would like to submit your music for consideration for airplay, Or you would like to air your show on TVO1IRadio Christian Broadcasting Network and Radio Station, please do the following By click below: