Get played and go global On the Air @ TVO1IRadio Christian Radio Station

If you are an unsigned/independent artist looking for a station to be played on, then this may be the station for you!

All you have to do is submit information below or send a email to:

At this moment you have decide to submit your music to be aired on TVO1IRadio, We thank you for the consideration, and we hope to grant you the approval, promotion and airplay that you so desire. In order to provide the best services that we can offer, we ask that you grant us some information, that will allow us to promote, do a live interview and share with our fans, members and partners of TVO1IRadio. Below is a brief outline of what need from you in order to continue our services.

  • Do not call or email asking if it’s okay to send something. Of course it is, you silly.
  • We are a Christian Radio & Broadcasting Network. We do not play any form of worldly music.
  • We listen to everything that comes across the desk. Sometimes this takes awhile, so please allow two or three weeks before emailing to ask if your CD has been received and reviewed.
  • Do not send MP3s through Facebook. They will be deleted.
  • For follow-ups, email is best. You can email the appropriate person using the addresses
  • If you would like to call for tracking, please refer to the office hours of the music and genre director