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New Concept of TruTalk Radio Show

Today many people are asking what happen to TruTalk Radio hosted by Bishop Waters and CO-Hosted by Bishop Smith. Well lets say God had other plans for these young men of God, and they are truly prepared to update, transform, rebuild and united the community of God with Prayer, Praise and Power of the Holy Ghost.

Some people will never understand that when God is involved there are times when you must step back and allow the spirit of the Lord take totally control and you must open up your mind and heart to hear exactly what he is saying to you. And that is what me and my Brother Bishop Smith has done for the betterment of the radio show.


“We want to be able to give a message, to teach a those whom desire to know God, to uplift those who are lost and help those who are seeking the truth, all this must be done in a way that God is in totally control and not based upon how many listeners we have or the rating of the show.”Quoted: Bishop Waters

As the show begin to grow it was if we was trying to place things in the mist of the storms and that was not going to work out for us. One had to truly think about the purpose of the show, and focus on what God is telling us. Now that we have taken that time out to listen to God, and begin to see exactly what he desire out of us, we are ready for a powerful and remarkable show to give unto the world.

“We just hope that the world is ready for all that we have for them, for I can assure you that it will change many lives, especially those who are listening and getting involved in the show”.Quote by: Bishop Smith




TruTalk Radio show is here to help transform the lives of many, reaching out unto the masses so they may truly hear, see, and understand the value of God love, mercy, teaching and faith. As I begin to pray with Bishop Waters and Bishop Smith I myself begin to see and hear what they are expressing for in this world today we need to focus on God, and be able to hear the voice of God within us. The world is in need of a spiritual change, and I truly believe with strength, blessing and the call of God, TruTalk Radio will begin to bring that spiritual change unto the masses.

You should, no you need to tune in every Wed’s Night at 5:oo PM to 6:30 PM and truly hear the message these young men of God has to offer, with live interviews, biblical teaching, guess speakers and more on TruTalk Radio Show. TruTalk Radio Show will be back on the Air May 31, 2017. Live on TVO1IRadio

“Its going to be a amazing change, a powerful movement, and inspirational method of the word of God in your life” TruTalk Radio Show

TVO1 IRadio
TVO1IRadio is a dedicated Christian Broadcasting Network and Urban Gospel Radio Station.

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