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Oct. Christian Hip Hop Playlist of the Month.

If you didn't know, now you know. Every month, we allow our listeners to vote on the best tracks for the month, after tuning in and listening to ReverbNation Christian Hip Hop Hour, with ThaBishop, many of our fans, listeners, and members are totally involved with the voting selections.

Each artist present a strong biblical, spiritual, and motivational talents, that open up the minds and hearts of others. So today, here they are the 12 Singles for "The Best of the Best" playlist for the month of October. Enjoy, and get ready to vote for the month of November. You don't want to miss out on this. 

I must admit when we first started the voting session for Christian Hip Hop, I didn't think people would actually do it. But how amazed I am to see how so many individuals tune into the show ReverbNation Christian Hip Hop Hour. 

This amazing show brings forth music of Christian Hip Hop and Urban Gospel Music that present the glory of God, through inspirational, motivational and creative music. What more can I say, that show is one of the main resources for many Christian Hip Hop Artist of the day.

All You have to do is tune in every Friday Night's from 5pm to 7pm, and then during the month, vote on the song that ready place a spiritual action within your heart and soul. 

The rules of the voting process is very easy, during the month, we will pick 4 songs during the week, for each week of the month, which our listeners will vote on the artist of the week single, after the full month, we will place the Best of the Best songs for the whole month, that our fans, listeners and members have chosen.

So here they are for the month of October: "The Best of the Best"



Full list of "The Best of The Best" singles of the month of October

Andale Lord Knows ft. Joint Heirs Single NA  
Angeloh Fill My Cup Single NA  
Brother 3 FamilyHood Single NA  
Charles Goose All Red Lamb ft. S.O Single NA  
Calvin Hill Cameras ft. Young Noah Single NA  
Conceptz War Room ft. S.O.S. & Illuminate Single NA  
DJ Mykael V Diamonds ft. WHATUPRG, Victor Cornelius & Parris Chariz Single NA  
Dre B. Really Need U ft. Benjah Single NA  
Jamar Knight Thank GOD ft. Joe Cooper Single NA  
Monolog Did It Again ft. Luke G

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