Radio Broadcasting Solutions

TVO1IRadio is a division of New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry LLC. in Peoria, IL., Alliances for Christian Training & Servanthood in Fruitland, Maryland. which has owned and operated radio properties. It is because of this affiliation that TVO1IRadio understands clearly the needs and requirements of the radio industry.

Founded in its ability to securely, reliably and cost effectively distribute content on a spiritual and creative level, TVO1IRadio can also provide the following benefits to the radio broadcasters:

Minimal Capital Expense

Unlike many broadcasting options, we handles all bandwidth, uplinking and teleport infrastructure. This means you make your investments in your program/radio show. You simply need to deliver the content pre-recorded or use our server to broadcast live.

Expanded Market Reach

TVO1IRadio currently offers radio broadcasting services via internet, which is very desirable radio broadcasting neighborhoods. The number of listeners that tune in to TVO1IRadio Christian Network and Radio Station is over 30,000.

Experienced Provider

TVO1IRadio has been broadcasting since 1999 and has worked closely with many Christian radio broadcaster, programmers and social media personal for years and shown proven record of success when it comes to reaching out to the masses.

Proven Solution

TVO1IRadio content distribution is proven technology for radio broadcasting and ensures high quality sound and easy management of content through a secure, reliable and cost effective solution with our partnership Muester. We also understand the importance of infrastructure redundancy so your network is operating as designed today and everyday!


TVO1IRadio Christian Broadcasting and Network is always looking for new ministries to share with our viewers and listeners. We are looking for ministries that are aligned with our beliefs as Christians and our Ministry mission and goals. Our programs department will be looking for ministries that possess these qualities:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Uniqueness
  • Trustworthy


Preaching Ministry:

If you are interested in broadcasting your ministry with us, please submit a copy of your show. Please tell us about your ministry;  Someone from our programs department will contact you within 72 hours.

Music Ministry:

TVO1IRadio Broadcast Network is eager to receive new music from independent artists. Let us promote your music across the Worldwide Web.

Many Artist has obtain proven success by being featured on TVO1IRadio and written testimonials showing how they obtain great exposure for their music, increase CD Sales, and obtain a higher ranking in Google and send additional traffic to their personal website. In addition, your music will be played live on our network. Thousands will enjoy your ministry. All at no cost to you.

Other Ministries:

If you have a ministry other than preaching or music; we would love to hear all about it. Please contact us and tell us about your ministry. Someone from our programs department will make contact within 72 hours.

Broadcasting Application

 Broadcasting Application