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Stop the Violence and Incarceration Campaign.

Today one must begin to ask themselves what is need to help our community become better, how can we help our youth stop all the shooting and killing of one another. How can we show them that they are future, and they must obtain a better education, spiritual change, and transformation concerning lives.

Those are the type of questions our beloved brother Rev. Lionel Gantt has been preaching since the day I met him. This young man of God is using the word of God, experiences, method of love and gift of the Holy Ghost to help change the lives of the youth within his community and surrounding areas. Now he has been called by God to reach out to the mass’s to leave his comfortable home and the support of his community to travel to other cities that don’t know about him or have heard about his message.

When I ask him how do he feel and what is the main purpose of his message, Rev Gantt didn’t waste anytime to express to me the true calling upon his life and the message he must unleash unto the world.

“I must reach out to our people with powerful message of positive change to unite our people and talk about solutions to the problems facing not only black America but all people worldwide. In the spirit of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, I use the Power of education and economic empowerment to counter act the behavior of those who would use violence and crime to create income.” Rev. Gantt


Brother Gantt also express the degree of changing the heart and mind of men.  His teaching is based upon “Collective Economics” part of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, economic plan “Where Do We Go From Here”

When we asked him what is the best time he would like to share his message on TVO1Iradio, he humbly said: “Whenever God allows you to let me on”……

“Our children are dying in the streets and adults don’t have the answer , and I would like for TVO1IRadio to work with me in educating our people about Domestic Violence, the tactics of Assimilation, the use of propaganda systems of control through the use multimedia etc…” Quoted: Rev. Gantt

Truly there is without a doubt that TVO1IRadio will be a part of this strong and spiritual message, for that is the reason why we are on the air, and that is to bring forth a powerful method of Change. Remember our motto: “God is our Inspiration, Changing Lives is our Passion”.

So I say to you get ready for our beloved brother Rev. Gantt and the message of “Stop the Violence and Inarceration Campaign, coming your way.

You can begin to hear the message of Rev. Gantt at Greenbriar Mall on July 8th 2/6 PM. Saturday. More dates will be present soon.

TVO1 IRadio
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